• Use the Search in selection box in order to choose the primary category to be searched (Author, Title, etc.). Choose All Text to search across categories.
  • Then fill in the Search for field. You can search for individual names or terms, or use the drop-down menu find a particular type of work, reference type, or publication year. Expand your search to find related terms by searching for part of a word (e.g., apoca will retrieve apocalypse, apocalyptic; apocr will retrieve apocrypha, apocryphal, apocryphon). A new search criterion can be added by pressing the Add Search Term button. Each criterion can be removed using the Remove button. To narrow results within your search add an additional search term (e.g., to see all reviews published in 2009, search either Year [2009] or Work Type [review], and then add the second search term).
  • To search by author, type family name(comma), with or without first name or initial (Collins, J; Garcia Martinez, F). To find all works coauthored by a team of scholars, choose Author, type the first author's name in the search box, add a second search term, choose Author and type the second author's name, etc.
  • To quickly generate a list of reviews for a particular book, type part of the book's title in the Title field.
  • Use the Work Type category to generate a list of reviews, dissertations, bibliographies, etc.
  • For a list of items within a range of years use a dash (e.g., 2008-2010).
  • To Search Ancient Texts—You have two options:
    1)  For text editions and in-depth text-critical discussions of particular texts: In the Search in box, choose your target category (e.g. Judean Desert Documents). A dropdown list will appear in the Search for box; select or type the document number you want and click the search button. You may be able to find articles on specific passages by adding column or line numbers (not available in all cases). To find additional articles, click on one of your results to open the record, go to the keyword list and click on the name of your target document. For Scroll photographs: Click on one of the entries in your results list to open the record. Under the category Primary Texts, you should see a link to the scroll discussed in the article. Clicking that link should take you to the photographs of your scroll in the online Leon Levy DSS Digital Library.
    2)  For more general discussions of your text, use the Keyword Search (see below). To Use the Keyword Search: Click the Keyword Search button. If directed by the web page, click to open the search in a new window. Type a search term in the search box; click search; you will see a list of keywords with that term. Click to choose the keyword you want; it will be highlighted in the dropdown list. Click to show the list of records. Within the list of entries generated by your search you can further narrow the results using the search criteria (e.g., All text, year) on the main search page.
    In an individual record, you can open the list of keywords for that article; click on a different keyword to generate a different list of associated records.
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