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  • Then fill in the Search for field. You can search for individual names or terms, or use the drop-down menu find a particular type of work, reference type, keyword, or year. Use quotation marks to limit the search to exact phrases (e.g., "New Testament", "1 Enoch"). Expand your search to find related terms by searching for part of a word (e.g., apoca will retrieve apocalypse, apocalyptic; apocr will retrieve apocrypha, apocryphal, apocryphon). A new search criterion can be added by pressing the Add Search Term button. Each criterion can be removed using the Remove button. To narrow results within your search add an additional search term (e.g., to see all reviews published in 2009, search either Year [2009] or Work Type [review], and then add the second search term). The search will begin automatically after you finish typing.
  • To search by author, type family name(comma) first name or initial (Collins, J; Garcia Martinez, F). To find all works coauthored by a team of scholars, choose Author, type the first author's name in the search box, add a second search term, choose Author and type the second author's name, etc.
  • To find all the items pertaining to a particular ancient text, choose All Text, type the document's name (don't forget to use quotation marks—"Aramaic Levi"), then add another search term, choose All Text again and type document number or other designation. You can add multiple search terms (so "Aramaic Levi" + ALD + 4Q213 + 4Q214).
  • To quickly generate a list of reviews for a particular book, type part of the book's title in the Title field.
  • Use the Work Type category to generate a list of reviews, dissertations, bibliographies, etc.
  • For a list of items within a range of years use a dash (e.g., 2008-2010).
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